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In Time Garments


We have always Promised the best and shall continue to raise the bar as we go along to give you brand value additions.

In Time Garments relies on design capabilities as well as technological support. On the one hand we have the finest designers and on the other we have the best automated, computerized high speed embroidery and garment making line that makes us one of the best equipped in the country.




Where Fashion & Style Fuses with Each Other

Fashion is ageless, timeless It endures. Styles and trends change. Apparels underline fashion and embellishments define styles. Embroidery, as a form of embellishment that give apparels a distinctive style, has Flourished down the ages. Embroidered apparels have a unique charm, enticing visual appeal and richness of value, putting them in a class apart. It is not surprising that the richest and the most attractive garments are embroidered to a lesser or higher degree, transforming fabric into high fashion apparel. Embroidery, these days, is an elegant fusion of science, technology and art with the widespread use of multi head high speed automated embroidery machines. In the right hands, such machines can create wondrous works of art.

The Core Element of Excellence

If you have Quality and absolute perfection then you must have total control and full capabilities.

As the leading A-line garment manufacturer and export house with SEDEX registration catering to global top fashion brands, In Time Garments proudly boats of having end-to-end garment manufacturing capabilities.

R & D Testing

If the company has made outstanding progress it is majorly due to its extreme and meticulous care to quality at all levels, particularly in design and production which again is rooted in its R&D facility.

Corporate Values

Corporate Values are of ut most importance in the business world. An organisation is not only guided by the principles of profit maximization but also a set of values that keep it in the track of an ethical Journey.


IN TIME- Everything Is good when it is in time.
In In-Time group we focus on building the quality of our products. Here is a quick peek of our company video!✨ sound on for the full experience! check it out and let us know what you think about it!

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